10 May 2016

Common Sandpipers passing through the Eastern Province

There have been a number of records from various birdwatchers of Common Sandpipers passing through the Eastern Province in the last week or so. The Common Sandpiper is a common migrant and winter visitor to all areas of the Kingdom including inland with large migrant flocks of up to 250 birds have been present in Riyadh from June to August. Birds of the Riyadh Region (Stagg 1994) mention it as a passage migrant and winter visitor in variable numbers; has been recorded in every month of the year. Passage mainly March to May and again from July to late October when numbers markedly reduce. In the Eastern Province of the Kingdom it is a common passage migrant and uncommon winter visitor: Small numbers winter along the littoral and pools nearby. Migrants occur in April and September and there are three June records but it is usually absent between early May and late July. It has even occurred in the Empty Quarter with one migrant at Jawb, Rub’ al-Khali in early September. The below photos were taken in Jubail in late April.
Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

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