12 August 2016

Red Potter Wasp at Wadi Thee Gazelle - Taif

Easily recognisable by its large size measuring about 30-40 milimetres. They have a reddish brown body, large black compound eyes and Short antennae that is about the same length as the thorax and are the most common potter wasp in Saudi Arabia. The abdomen is mostly black with slender long waists. When these wasps are relaxed will keep their wings folded which have black tips. The mandibles are crossed when not in use. The female builds a multi-chamber nest where she will provide each egg with a paralyzed caterpillar, so when they hatch they have plenty of food. Females often seen feeding on the blossoms of the acacia trees or catching caterpillars. They build ceramic nest out of sand or mud mixed with their saliva which are often seen on walls or rocks. Active during the day and early evening.
Red Potter Wasp