30 August 2016

Common Zebra Blue - Talea'a Valley

Whilst birdwaching the Talea’a Valley near Abha in the Asir mountains in southwest Saudi Arabia Phil Roberts and I came across a large number of small butterflies using the damp areas near a large pool.  These butterflies appear to be Common Zebra Blue Leptotes pirithous is a butterfly of the family Lycaenidae. It is also called Lang's Short-tailed Blue. It is a small butterfly with a wingspan of 21–29 mm in males and 24–30 mm in females. The uppersides of the wings are purple bluish in males, bluish-brown in female. The undersides are dark beige striped with white lines. The hindwings show marginal orange and black spots and two small tails. These butterflies fly from February to November depending on the location and are regular migrants.