17 May 2017

Zygophyllum simplex - Haradh

Due to my general inability to identify plants I sent the below photos to Irene Linning who is a plant expert who used to live in Dhahran, and thankfully is kind enough to help me with plant identifications. She responded syaing “This does look like Zygophyllum simplex, although one of the distinguishing features is that it has 10 stamens and I count more than ten in some of the flowers. There are faint possibilities that it is a different species, very faint”. The generic name is derived from Greek Zygon meaning ‘yoke’ and phyllon meaning ‘leaf’. This refers to the leaves that have two leaflets. They occur in arid and semi arid areas of the Mediterranean, Arica, Central Asia and Australia.
Zygophyllum simplex