05 August 2017

Small Salmon Arab - Sabya

The Small Salmon Arab Colotis calais amatus is a small butterfly. They are distributed from Sub-Saharan Africa to india including southwest Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman. They favour arid regions. The eggs of the Small Salmon Arab are typical for Colotis species, being long and thin, and laid in groups on a leaf of the food plant. They lay about 30 eggs at once, and after hatching the caterpillars feed in groups of up to a dozen on the leaf. After pupation, which takes place on the same plant, the adult butterflies emerge and disperse. Both male and female Small Salmon Arabs bear very similar markings, although the male is slightly smaller and has a darker band of black running down the front edge of the hindwing. The orange spots on the female’s hindwing are also much larger and more pronounced than in the male.
Small Salmon Arab Colotis calais amatus