22 Feb 2018

Crested Honey Buzzards in Dhahran – Bird Records by Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts photographed two Crested Honey Buzzards recently that have been around Dhahran for most of the winter. He has kindly allowed me to use his photos on my website which are shown below. The current status, of CHB in Saudi Arabia is a scarce passage migrant and winter visitor that also occurs rarely in summer. Most records are from the Eastern province in winter and spring with additional records in the west of the country in autumn, winter and spring. This winter has been an excellent one for the species with birds seen in Dhahran, Jubail, Taif, Jeddah and KAUST.


  1. I just photographed a pair this morning on main camp! I thought they were European Honey Buzzards, as I looked through your Field Guide of Dhahran... but now I'm assuming this must be the same pair...? One is very dark on the underside, and the other quite light beneath. I am a total amateur, though. Amazed me to see them, as well as two red-vented bulbuls!

  2. Jenn

    Great news that you saw the birds. I saw a dark one yesterday as well. They should stay for a few more weeks and then may leave for the summer. Some do stay so worth looking out for them in the coming months also.