13 June 2018

Dideric Cuckoo – Tanoumah & An Namas

Whilst birding near An Namas on 26 May, I heard and eventually saw a Dideric Cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius. The bird was very vocal but difficult to locate until I eventually saw it sitting high in a tree. I also heard but failed to see another bird near Quraish, close to Tanoumah on 25 May. The Diderick Cuckoo is a summer visitor to southwest Saudi Arabia where it parasitizes Rüppell's weaver. They were previously regarded as vagrants to the area, but recently birds have been seen near Tendaha dam 5 July 2010, Abha area 20 July 2010, As Sudah 5 July 2013, Wadi Jaw June 2015, Taif area July 2015 as well as these sightings so are probably a scarce summer visitor to the high mountains of southwest Saudi Arabia. 
Dideric Cuckoo - Chrysococcyx caprius