28 August 2018

Centipede – Raydah Escarpment

The centipede is a carnivorous invertebrate that is generally found around decaying matter all around the world. The bite of the centipede contains venom, which means that the centipede kills its prey before eating it and eats purely meat. Despite their name, the centipede has pairs of legs that run the length of the body, which are normally between 15 and 30 pairs of legs in total and not 50. The centipede is usually found on land in moist habitats usually under rocks, leaf litter, logs and occasionally in burrows in the ground or rotting wood. The centipede favours damp environments and so is rarely found in the hot and dry desert regions. The centipede is one of the oldest animals on Earth having evolved into the form it is today, millions of years ago with known fossils dating back over 400 million years.