6 Aug 2013

Another close encounter with an Arabian Red Fox – Dhahran Hills

Having located a site where at least one Arabian Red Fox was relatively confiding I went to the area with my big 600mm lens to try my luck with some photos. The animals very rarely show themselves in the daylight and generally appear as the light is fading. This was the case here, where they came out about fifteen minutes before sunset and showed quite well. At one stage one even tried to dig up something from the compacted sand but it did not appear to find anything to eat. The animals have become quite tame with me when I approach their home and seem to act very naturally which is great. They are certainly very different to the Red Fox we get in the United Kingdom of which I am familiar, being much smaller and a very different colour. They also have much bigger ears and more fur between their toes, all things adapted for living in the hot desert conditions they find themselves in.


  1. Great pictures, it is difficult to get a clear picture of the fox in the open desert,
    I just got my new lens (600 mm), but so far i did not try it! I'm going to try it after Eid(holIday)i wish success.

    1. Mansur,

      Thanks for the comments. I am sure you will get great photos with your new lens if your previous photos are anything to go on.


  2. Can I use these beautiful pictures? I am writing a book on animals in Arabia

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