23 July 2022

Blue-spotted Arab - Jizan

Whilst birdwatching the Jizan area, I came across a number of Blue-spotted Arab Colotis phisis. The Blue-spotted Arab is a small butterfly occurring from Africa to India. They favour arid regions and many butterflies of the same and different Coltis species may fly in the same place. The upper-side of the males forewing has a pale salmon-pink ground color. Base arrogated with bluish-grey scales that extend outwards and a black spot on the underside of the forewing. Back wings much paler, and light or no spot. Clubbed antennae. Rolled up proboscis. Wingspan 20mm. They breed during through the warmer parts of the year with the female laying several eggs that are bottle shaped with ribs down the sides and are generally white but turn pale blue. Pupae stage last several days. When adults emerge it takes a few minutes to harden the veins in the wings. The larva feeds on Salvadora persica (toothbrush bush). I have also seen the same butterfly species in Salwa in the southeast of the Kingdom.