19 September 2011

Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizard - Dhahran Hills

I was not able to go birding yesterday due to family commitments and the fact I was doing a talk for the Arabian Natural History Society entitled "Dhahran a Birdwatching Hotspot" on the birding year in Dhahran Camp. As a result I thought I would post a photograph of Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizard I saw sitting just outside its hole at about 16:30 hrs basking in the evening sun a couple of days ago. I came upon it after driving up a very steep bank in my 4WD Landcruiser and it did not expect anyone to come that way and was oblivious to my presence. After about ten minutes of watching it at close quarters it was frightened into its burrow by a noise from somewhere. When they move they do so very rapidly and disappear straight down their burrows which they never venture too far from.