19 August 2013

Wadi Muhayil

This is a small site six kilometres west of Muhayil on the main 209 road. Previously it was a well vegetated site with euphorpis and ficus trees and had constant flowing water and subsequently attracted many species. Highlights have included Bruce's Green Pigeon, Hamerkop, Golden winged Grosbeak, White browed Coucal, Grey headed Kingfisher & White-throated Bee-eater. Today the site is less attractive to birds as there is no constant water and some of the tall trees are no longer there. There are plenty of better sites to go to than this and unless it is on the way I would not bother going to this area. We went to the site in the early afternoon of 4 July and saw little of note. There were plenty of doves, mainly Laughing Doves and breeding African Turtle Doves as well as two White-throated Bee-eaters, three Arabian Babblers, one Graceful Prinia, two Black Scrub Robins and ten Violet-backed Starlings.
African Collared Dove