21 August 2013

Tanumah Park

Tanumah Park is positioned along the edge of the main escarpment and has a parking area with picnic tables and some trees and grass. The rocky edge of the escarpment has had Yemen Serin previously but not during our visit. Eurasian Griffon Vulture can be seen flying over these cliffs and we saw four birds in the air together although quite distant.
Gambaga Flycatcher
Tristram's Starling
Yemen Warbler
Long-billed Pipit
Crested Honey-Buzzard & Fan-tailed Raven
The area held plenty of birds including 5+ Tristram’s Starlings, two Gambaga Flycatchers, one Yemen Warbler, two Brown Woodland Warblers, one Abyssinian White-eye, two Violet-backed Starlings, one Yemen Thrush, five White-spectacled Bulbuls, a Common Kestrel and several House Sparrows in the trees and pick-nick area. Ten Red-rumped Swallows and two Pale Crag Martins were flying over. The rocky areas had two Long-billed Pipits and an unusual sight was a 2nd calendar year Crested Honey-Buzzard flying over being mobbed by the plentiful Fan-tailed Ravens. Crested Honey-Buzzard has not been positively identified in this region before although Rob Tovey saw a possible bird last year.