24 Sept 2013

Male Arabian Red Fox – Dhahran Hills

On my daily birding trip through Dhahran hills in the evening I found a really smart looking male Arabian Red Fox. I had seen one earlier at distance on the dried up bottom of the percolation pond and moved around the pond edge to try to get closer. The fox disappeared but I found the same or another on the nearby rocky boulder strew bank and got reasonably close to the animal. The last few I have seen have been worn and dishevelled females with cubs but this one was in fine fettle and was an adult male. It has been an excellent year for foxes in Dhahran this year and I have had better views this year than any year previously. I always enjoy seeing the foxes as they are really beautiful animals, and this was no exception.


  1. Last morning (4:30 am) I saw 3 foxes in Doha residential aree(Abu Hamour)

    1. Simson

      Congratulations. They are great animals to see.


  2. What the scientific name of this fox?
    I think the red fox is not the right name for this animal. I found that Vulpes rueppellii, ثعلب الرمال، او ثعلب الصحراء، او ثعلب الريبل هو نفسه ما جاء في هذه الصور. فهل نحن نتحدث عن نفس الثعلب مع اختلاف الاسماء؟

  3. Sorry, I write in arabic, i said, its called sand fox, desert fox, ruppell fox, are we talking about the same fox?
    Cause I know, the red arabian fox scientific name: Vulpes vulpes arabica,
    and this does not look like your fox.