18 February 2014

Laura the satellite tagged Baltic Gull update – Bird record by Per Hansson

Laura the satellite tagged Baltic Gull is still in a similar area to where she has been all winter (see green arrow on map below), and more detailed location from 14 February 2014. She has stayed for the last six months in a relatively small area south of Jizan towards the Yemen boarder and is in a relatively inaccessible area with few roads, just dirt tracks across the scrubby desert / sabkha and has thus so far not been photographed. She is closer to the yemen boarder than she has been all winter although still close to her original wintering area. If, however, anyone goes down this way and is in the area then Per, who is co-ordinating this study would love a photograph of her or at least the flock of birds she is associating with. It will be interesting to find out when Laura starts to move back towards her breeding area in Sweden and how long she takes to complete the journey.