01 February 2014

Masked Shrike at Udhailiyah – Bird records by Nishan Xavier

Nishan Xavier is a birdwatcher and photographer who is currently living in Udhailiyah Saudi Aramco camp that is south of Shedgum and north on Haradh, quite a way inland. Nishan sent me two of his photos of birds at the camp, one was a Masked Shrike taken on 28 January 2014 and the other a White-eared Bulbul taken on 19 January 2014 both at Udhailiyah camp. Masked Shrike is regarded as an uncommon passage migrant that is scarce in summer and winter. Most winter records have come from the South-west of Saudi Arabia with a few from the Eastern Province. Passage occurs from late March to early May and again in September so a January record will be a wintering bird. White-eared Bulbul is a common bird of the Eastern Province that can be found in varied habitat including urban areas. I would like to thank Nishan for allowing me to use the photos below.
Masked Shrike
White-eared Bulbul