27 February 2014

Male Blue Rock Thrush – Dhahran Hills

A visit to the ‘patch’ last night produced a male Blue Rock Thrush, a good species for the camp. I have seen two birds before on the ‘patch’, both last winter with a female on 11 February 2013 and a Male 28 February 2013. This male was found on a group of boulders only a few hundred metres away from where the previous two birds were seen showing they favour this area and habitat. The large boulders where it was seen is the same place the Red-tailed Wheatear has been present, with the bird still there yesterday. The Blue Rock Thrush and Red-Tailed Wheatear were seen almost together at one stage. Blue Rock Thrush is an uncommon passage migrant to the Eastern Province and is not often seen on the coast with most birds moving well inland before settling. The bird was quite confiding and allowed reasonably close approach even on foot, but was quite active moving around continually in search of food. Things have started picking up bird wise now and a few migrants are passing through, hopefully indicating a good spring to follow.