20 February 2014

Wader numbers increasing – Dhahran Expro Wader roost

The weather was overcast and cold last weekend with a sprinkling of rain and as a result conditions were not great for photography or birding. I had a couple of spare hours in the afternoon and went to Dhahran Expro Wader roost. The tide was far out but a lot of birds were feeding around the bunded areas. There was a significant increase in waders although the species make up was almost identical to the weekend before. Many more Lesser Sand Plovers were seen but they all kept their distance. A few more Whimbrel often in the grassy areas and Bar-tailed Godwit numbers had doubled. The very large numbers of Black-headed Gulls had decreased significantly but plenty of Slender-billed Gulls, some with a nice pink wash, were still present. Thousands (5,000+) Socotra Cormorants were flying past in a southerly direction to the east of the roost. Plenty of Ruff were still present with a couple if fine males in breeding plumage and a few more Ruddy Turnstones, Grey Plovers and Marsh Sandpipers were also seen.
Marsh Sandpiper
Bar-tailed Godwit
Slender-billed Gull
Grey Plover