19 March 2014

Winter Arabian Red Fox – Dhahran Hills

Whilst out birding the ‘patch’ the last couple of weeks I have had a number of sightings of Arabian Red Fox. These were not as tame as the ones seen regularly in the summer and had their winter coat on which was fortunate as the temperatures have been cool this winter and for a long period also. In winter the animals appear to blend into their backgrounds even more than in summer and unless they move or are sitting against the skyline they are extremely difficult to see. One good thing about them is they are inquisitive and often stop after moving off some distance to have a look to see what you are doing, which sometimes allows for good photos of heads of the animals looking over rocks, around hills or out of holes. I always enjoy seeing these animals and am always amazed how much different they look to the Red Foxes in the UK, of which they are the same species.