28 Mar 2014

Striped Hawk-moth Dhahran Hills – Record by Elizabeth Ayouby

I received an e-mail a few days ago with some great photos of a Striped Hawk-moth from Elizabeth Ayouby who lives in Dhahran Hills. Her family found the moth in their garden over the last weekend, a moth I have yet to see in Saudi Arabia. The Striped Hawk-moth is the most common Hawk-moth in Arabia, it is an insect of the open desert where it breeds on a number of different plants. It flies at night and migrates to other countries reaching as far north as Scandinavia.  A successful breeding season often occurs after heavy rain with vast numbers of moths occurring. The thorax of the Striped Hawk-moth has four distinct white stripes running lengthways, and the antennae have white tips. There is a white dorsal stripe running along the abdomen and each of the underwings has a bright red patch. Elizabeth kindly allowed me to use her photos on my website which are shown below, with the top photo having a business card shown for scale.


  1. hello,
    i found my first one of these this morning during our daily walk of the military airfield runway at Tabuk. i moved the little fella to a safer place! thanks for the photos that have helped me identify it. regards, Chris.

    1. Chris

      You are welcome. This is the main idea of the blog to help with identification and encourage poeple to look and see. Glad I could be of some help.


  2. The blog and data is excellent and informative as well jokers stash

  3. Hello, this blog is just what we needed to identify the large green caterpillars that are eating up our sweet potato plants here in Khobar, KSA. I also read that the caterpillars burrow into the soil or leaf litter to pupate. We are on the lookout for the cocoons to see if we may also see the moth. There are six caterpillars now on our vines. Exciting, especially because this is a real life science lesson for virtual school kids! I have some great photos but don't know where you would like them posted.