01 March 2014

Some common birds from Udhailiyah – Bird records by Nishan Xavier

Nishan, a birder from Udhailiyah Saudi Aramco camp has sent me a few more of his excellent photos. These show a range of species that are common in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in the winter months. It is interesting to see Eurasian Hoopoe in Udhailiyah in winter as this is south of their know wintering range at present. Birds now could be early migrants so it will be interesting to see if Nishan sees the species throughout the year as we do in Dhahran. Other common birds include House Sparrow, which are found in all types of habitat even far from habitation as well as Eurasin Collared Dove and White-eared Bulbul. I thank Nishan for allowing me to reproduce his photos on my website.
Eurasian Collared Dove
Eurasian Hoopoe
House Sparrow
White-eared Bulbul