24 July 2014

Black-winged Stilts, Kentish Plovers and Little Grebes – Dhahran Hills

The ‘patch’ has been neglected a bit of late as I spent a weekend away in the southwest of Saudi Arabia looking for Arabian Endemics and other different birds to those we see in the Eastern Province, and a couple of evenings after work when I would normally have been out catching up on sleep due to long hours in the field looking for owls and Nightjars. It doesn’t, however, look like I may have missed much as things are still very quiet. The only birds to see in good numbers are Black-winged Stilts, Kentish Plovers and Little Grebes, species that all breed on or very near the camp. I have looked for the Crested Honey Buzzards a couple of times at 04:30 hrs but without luck and the best bird I have seen all week in the area were two Red-vented Bulbuls in my garden. A few Eurasian Hoopoes are still around looking for food for their young and a small group of five Barn Swallows remain over the spray fields but little else has been about worthy of reporting.
Black-winged Stilt - juvenile
Little Grebe