13 Nov 2015

Greater Flamingo’s Al Khobar – Bird records by Arnold Uy

The Greater Flamingo is an uncommon but widespread migrant and winter visitor to all coasts with a few in summer. Numbers have increased steadily over the last ten years with birds common in certain key locations such as Sabkhat Al Fasl. Small numbers are also seen every winter in the Al Khobar area where Arnold Uy took the below photos that he has kindly allowed me to use on my website. The birds spend much of the time far out from the coast and only really come close to shore when the tide is fully in. Numbers at key sites have reached 5000 birds in recent years and even some inland records have been noted from both Riyadh and Tabuk. A bird with a plastic ring was seen at Al Khobar a few years ago that had bred in Turkey so presumably this is where most of birds originate from and would explain the occurrence of some inland birds.
Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

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  1. I only see this Flamingo at the National Zoo. Not easy to properly expose / photograph this white bird, we may end up burned the white highlight