28 Nov 2015

Western Marsh Harriers Al Asfar Lake, Hofuf – Bird records by Arnold Uy

Arnold Uy went to Al Asfar Lake near to Hufuf last weekend and although he did not see too much he did manage to see a number of Western Marsh Harriers as he usually does. This time he managed to get a better set of photographs than last time he visited so was happy with his trip. I have included a couple of Arnolds excellent photos below which he has given me permission to use and which remain his copyright. The Western Marsh Harrier is a winter visitor to Saudi Arabia and they always occur in areas of extensive reed beds and open water. Birds turn up in September and depart abut March or April each year with the best sites in the Eastern Province being Sabkhat Al Fasl and Al Asfar Lake.
Western Marsh Harrier

Western Marsh Harrier

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