14 June 2021

Al Shinanah Historical Tower - Al Rass

Al Shinanah Historical Tower is a really amazing slender 27 metre high mud-brick watchtower of Qassim traditional architectural heritage situated near Al-Rass. It is six metres in diameter at its base and 1.5 metres in diameter at the top. Al-Rass was one the main permanent water points in the centre of the Arabian Peninsula and was along a major trade and pilgrimage route. It is not certain if it was a watchtower or when it was built, with suggested dates ranging from the 12th to the early 19th century are proposed with 1699 the most commonly referred to date of construction. The Al-Shinanah Tower has witnessed many battles without being totally destroyed and has probably been partly rebuilt and is said to have been reduced in height from 45 metres to todays nearly 27 meters.