08 June 2021

Birding the Raydah Escarpment

Whilst birding the Raydah Escarpment recently I came across two species I had not seen there previously at the site. One was Grey Wagtail with a couple of presumably passage birds, seen on the roadside edge feeding on insects and the other a juvenile Pied Cuckoo at the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment below Raydah Village in one of the large wadis. This wadi area was also good for Grey-headed Kingfisher, African Grey Hornbill and Bruce’s Green Pigeon with up to ten of the first two species and a couple of the latter. Another good bird seen was a breeding pair of African Paradise Flycatcher with the female sitting on the nest with two newly hatched young and the male coming occasionally to feed her. The local family that owned the land showed us the nest but we did not stay long due to fear of disturbing the breeding birds, so not photos of the male were obtained. 

Pied Cuckoo

Grey Wagtail

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Bruce's Green Pigeon

African Grey Hornbill