08 July 2023

Juvenile Black-winged Kite – Dhahran Waste Water Lake

Whilst birding Dhahran Waste Water Lake 28 June I came across a juvenile Black-winged Kite in the very early morning. I took a couple of photographs but the light was poor as the sun was not up properly, and they are not particularly good, although you can see the juvenile plumage of the bird. A juvenile at this time of year suggests, as in previous years the species may breed locally now, but as the bird was able to fly properly it could have come from elsewhere. This is only my second juvenile in the Eastern Province and my first in Dhahran. The first record of Black-winged Kite for the Eastern Province was only found on 17 April 2012, but since then has become more common with birds seen in almost every month and every year since the first record and it is now regarded as a scarce visitor to the province. All birds sub-specifically identified in the east of the Kingdom are the eastern subspecies Elanus caeruleus vociferous a subspecies that occurs from Pakistan east to southern & eastern China, Indochina and the Malay Peninsula.