20 July 2023

Not much about – Uqayr

Whilst birding at Uqair looking for Prinias, there were very few birds about. I looked along the coast in the hope of seeing some returning waders but nothing of note was seen. The only waders that seem to be about in higher numbers are Black-winged Stilts. A single Socotra Cormorant was loafing on the beach partly hidden and flew off before I could get any closer. The scrubby desert was almost devoid of birds apart from three Great Grey Shirkes that must breed locally. No Prinias were seen this trip although we know they occur in this area. On the way back I found a new area of reeds that have stated growing outside the Tamara beach resort on Half Moon Bay. This is about halfway between Uqayr and Dhahran and is about 20 km south-west across the bay from Al Qqiq. I saw at least two pairs of Prinia here, but the birds were not calling, although on views in the field they looked like hufufae Graceful Prinia. 

Socotra Cormorant

Great Grey Shrike