27 September 2023

Collared Pratincoles – Dhahran Cricket Field

Below are a few photos of the three Collared Pratincoles that have frequented the cricket field in the last few days. Originally only a single bird was present, but it was joined by two juveniles on its second day, all of which stayed for a few days before departing. I tried to get photos of birds on the ground as well as in flight to check the wing pattern, especially the underwing and pale trailing ende to the secondaries, to confirm as Collared Pratincole. The birds were quite tame and allowed reasonably close approach, only walking off slowly when approached. Occasionally one would hop or fly a short distance to catch an insect (mainly beetle) and on two occasions one flew a greater distance when disturbed by a runner. My flight shots did not turn out too well, and I did not want to disturb them to get more, so will need to wait till another occasion for the good flight photo.