05 November 2011

Dammam - Al Khobar Wader Roost South - Location Details

From the Dammam - Al Khobar Wader Roost go back to the main road and turn right. Carry out a 'U' Turn immediatly and drive down the orad to the traffic lights. Turn left at the lights and continue on this road until you get to another set of traffic lights and carry out a 'U' Turn and drive back down the road almost all the way back to the first set of trafic lights. Take the first exit onto the access lane (right) - most of these are blocked off by bollards - and then take the first right turn (a wet area with reeds will be on the left just at this junction. Drive down the road and at the junction take a right. Then take the first 'U' Turn and the first track to the right. You will see the sea infront of you and head to the waters edge. The waders roost in a number of locations along the seafront, but are only here at high tide and are mainly large waders.

The waste land behind the seafront is also good for desert specialities.

Specialities at the site include:-
Crab Plover
Eurasian Curlew
Bar-tailed Godwit
Common Greenshank
Common Redshank
Terek Sandpiper
Lesser Sand Plover
Greater Sand Plover

Greater Hoopoe-Lark
Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark
Cream-coloured Courser