26 November 2011

Jabal Nayriyyah - Location Details

To get to the Jabal Nayriyyah site take the highway from Dhahran/Dammam/Al Khobar towards Jubail and Khafji. At the Sabkhat Al Fasl turnoff in Jubail continue straight on towards the Kuwait border. After 66 kms turn left towards Nayriyyah on route 85 and continue past Nayriyyah and after about 20 kilometres you will see the jabals off to the right. Just after passing the closest jabal to the road turn right and drive down here until you get to a fenced off area with a large gate. Turn right just before here and head to the small jabal on the left of the road. This is where the Pharaoh Eagle Owl was seen as well as Mourning Wheatear and Desert Lark. If you continue down this road and take the right just before the fenced off area on the left then you go through some good desert habitat and can get back on the main road again.