3 Jan 2012

Bahrain - Daurian Shrike at Alba Marshes

Last month we caught a Daurian Shrike in Alba Marshes which I forgot to post. When we arrived at the site we saw the bird sitting in a small Tamarisk Tree and saw it a couple of time s flying around as we set up the nests. It was caught in a mist net near to a dragonfly so may have been chasing the insect and ended up in the net. I ringed the bird and this is the third one I have seen in the hand having ringed on at Durrat Al Bahrain and seeing another one (a re-trap) at Al Ali Farm. They are really excellent birds to see in the hand with this one being a juvenile, but are really feisty and not so easy to take out of the net or ring.


  1. Those are amazing shots. I can see clearly that those little birds have quite the attitude.

  2. Great shots. I've never actually been bird watching in Saudi Arabia yet. Looks like that is about to change real soon.