4 Jan 2012

Lawn Beetle

This Lawn Beetle (Pentodon algerinum) of the subspecies P.a. dispar, was found in our garage when I moved the car out to wash it one night. They are found in oasis and grass filled wadies but has extended its range into gardens where it has often become a pest as the larvae live underground and feed on the roots of grass.

Among the genus Pentodon species, P. algerinum Herbst, a789 has four subspieces: P.a. algerinum, P.a. bispinifrons Reitter 1894, P.a. indicus and P.a. dispar Baudi, 1870. The subspieces seen in Saudi Arabia is P.a. dispar and this subspeices has a frontal suture whoch is mostly very fine but reaches the sides. The sides of the paramera are more curved with a triangular outer angle of apices that are mostly sharp. It is distributed in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Armenia, Iraq, Arabian Peninsula, Jordon, Israel and Palestine.


  1. Those are the poor things that get caught in our makita lawn mower. I regret it. Which is why I manually cut grass.

  2. I just found one in my lawn in Ryadh. I have never seen them in the past.