30 January 2012

Shedgum Escarpment - Location Details

The Shedgum Escarpment is a flat topped limestone hill area between Abqaiq and Udhailiyah. It is located on the right hand side of the road thirty one kilometres after Abqaiq travelling from Dhahran and is 100 kilometres from Dhahran. It is easy to find as it is on the main Dhahran to Riyadh road. Once you see the escarpment on the right and a large cement factory on the left then take a road off to the right. Follow the road keeping right and after a sharp right bend continue for about three hundred metres take a left turn and followed by a right turn after a couple of kilometres and drive to the top of the escarpment parking and walking around any suitable habitat. There are two lay-byes one on each side of the road and both of these are worth stopping andt amd loking around. There are also a number of wadi type run-off areas that have green vegetation at the bottom that are good for birds, although bear in mind this is a desert habitat and birds are thin on the ground.

Specialities seen at the site include:-
Desert Wheatear
White-crowned Black Wheatear
Red-tailed Wheatear (winter)
Trumpeter Finch
Eastern Mourning Wheatear
Desert Warbler
Pale Crag Martin
Rock Dove
Brown-necked Ravern