15 June 2012

A few common birds - Dhahran Hills

This week there have been more sightings of the commoner species in Dhahran Hills. House Sparrow flocks are starting to form. White-eared Bulbuls are paired up and singing continually in the trees and bushes, particularly those around the percolation pond and Eurasian Coots are feeding young with four pairs present on the pond.
 House Sparrow (male)

White-eared Bulbul
Eurasian Coot

Eurasian Hoopoes are becoming more obvious and the photograph here was taken in the early morning whilst the bird was warming itself on the concrete of our driveway. The weather has been quite cool this winter and spring so and the bird was obviously enjoying the warmth of the sun and heat radiated from the concrete.
Eurasian Hoopoe