17 June 2012

Breeding Laughing Dove – Dhahran Hills

There are more and more signs of breeding birds about now that the year is progressing, with many juvenile House Sparrows present in large flocks. Pairs of many species are sitting around now indicating the female has hatched her young and they have fledged and this includes most of the doves including European Turtle Dove, Collared Dove, Namaqua Dove and Laughing Dove. I took a photograph of a juvenile Laughing Dove sitting on the fence surrounding the percolation pond which was not too surprising as most of the dove species, excepting Namaqua Dove breed in the trees and bushes down one side of the pond.
Laughing Dove (juvenile)

Other birds that are quite noticeable in their behaviour at the moment are Indian Mynas and White-cheeked Bulbuls, with both species being seen in quite large groups around the spray fields. Very little else has been seen in the last few days.

White-eared Bulbul