21 June 2012

Abu Ali Island/Ras Abu Ali - Jubail

Sander Willems was birding again in the Jubail area on 8th June, and this time went to Abu Ali Island/Ras Abu Ali. Thi is an island now joined to the mainland by a causeway and is a crescent shaped peninsula just north of Jubail. It is famous for having huge numbers of terns in September where they go to moult as well as good waders. Sander saw the following species:-
Greater Hoopoe-lark, one pair that was probably breeding, and two more individuals. Their flight behaviour was typical for the speices and interesting to see.
Black-eared Kites, six birds together. I have seen Black Kites before and these birds were lighter colored (possibly juveniles) and had a clear dark patch behind the eye, plus a clear white patch in their primaries. I believe I have seen the same group several weeks ago circling around just north of the Intercontinental hotel area in Jubail.
Eurasian Curlew 2
Great Cormorant 60+
Greater Flamingo 20
Hundreds of Terns, most of them seemed to be White-cheeked Terns, possibly nesting on a sandbank in a large pond, but I would have needed a spotting scope to be sure.
Kentish Plovers, Crested Larks and some Egrets.
Greater Flamingo