6 Jan 2013

Rock Dove – Abqaiq Landfill

Whilst looking for Large White-headed Gulls on Abqaiq Landfill we found quite a good number of Rock Doves. Many of the birds appeared to be true Rock Doves although a number of less pure bred birds were about as well. Due to the less than pure individuals it is difficult to tell whether any birds are pure Rock Doves but plumage wise at least some do appear to be. Close views could be obtained of the birds feeding on the ground, but as we were concentrating on the gulls I did not manage to get any really good photographs. Also whilst driving around the site to try to get the best position for looking at and photographing the gulls we came across a good number of Wheatears including at minimum of ten Desert Wheatears and two Isabelline Wheatears.
Rock Dove
Rock Dove
Desert Wheatear - male

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