17 October 2014

Pallid Scops Owl at Ras al Khafji – Bird records by Mick James

I received an e-mail from Mick James in early October informing me of an interesting owl at Ras al Khafji near the Kuwait boarder in the Eastern Province f Saudi Arabia. Mick sent me a photo and has kindly allowed me to use it on my website with the following information “I was somewhat surprised to find this fella in our car park at work (Ras al Khafji - KJO port) on Saturday morning (4th October 2014). Looks like it has made its home beneath some of our raised modular office buildings & from the various website photos I have searched I think it’s a  Pallid Scops Owl”. The Pallid Scops Owl is a rare or scarce winter visitor to most areas of Saudi Arabia with the majority of records coming from the northern areas of the country.