05 January 2015

European Turtle Dove ringing recovery – Majarma (west coast)

I received a phone call from the National Wildlife Research Centre in Taif that they had received a European Turtle Dove with a BTO ring on its let. I took the number and have found out the following, although a full report from the BTO is still awaited with additional information that is missing.

European Turtle Dove
Ring Number: DE35152
Ringing date: 3-Jul-2013
Ringing Place: Near Al Reem Wildlife Park, Bahrain, Bahrain & Qatar (Co-ords: 26deg 00min N 50deg 29min E)
Age: Pullus
Ringer: A. A. R. Al-Kaabi
Finding date: 29-Sep-2014
Finding Place: Majarma, 150 kms south of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Co-ords: 20deg 20min N 39deg 49minE)
Finding Condition: Caught by falconer
Duration: 483 days
Distance: 1258 km
Direction: WSW

Finder: Jem Babbington

Route from Bahrain to Majarma