20 Jan 2015

Euphorbia ammak - Taif

Euphorbia ammak grows in Yemen and Saudi Arabia in an altitude range covering 1000 to 2000 and possibly as high as 2500 metres above sea level. It grows in rockier areas in planes and on steep hillsides and thorny bush-lands where it has now become scarce, particularly in Saudi Arabia and South Yemen, although it remains common in places in North Yemen. Euphorbia ammak is a striking Euphorbia of massive stature that is a large, tree-like Euphorbia growing up to 10 metres tall with a short trunk and is superficially similar to some new world Cacti. They have stout stems about 10-15 centimeters wide with branches starting at about 60 centimeters that arch upwards that have thick ribs that are undulate and are usually four-winged. They are covered with spines about one centimeter long. They occasionally produce leaves near the top of each branch as well as yellow-green flowers. These large examples were part of what we have called the Euphorbia Forest near Taif where hundreds of Euphorbias grow n the steep hillsides with a number being very large tree like examples and others just single stands. This plant is a favourite for Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak with this area looking particularly good for the species.
Euphorbia ammak

Euphorbia ammak

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