8 Jan 2016

Breeding Eurasian Hoopoe in Bahrain – Bird records by Jehad Alammadi

Jehad Alammadi sent me an e-mail a few days ago saying he had found a pair of breeding Eurasian Hoopoes in Bahrain. The birds were nesting in a hole in a wall and had five chicks in the nest. Eurasian Hoopoe has not been recorded breeding in Bahrain as far as I am aware since before 1985 (Jennings breeding birds of Arabia atlas). Jehad mentioned the first picture shows the male Eurasian Hoopoe fetching an insect for the female with the second photo showing the female Eurasian Hoopoe waiting for the male and the last one of the chicks in the nest hole. The pictures were taken on 3 and 8 May 2015. I thank Jehad for sending me the details and allowing me to use them on my website.


  1. It might be worth writing a short note about this in Sandgrouse and noting it on eBird if he has not done so already. There appear to be a number of such events occurring over the past few years, maybe someone could be encouraged to do some research. It will also be interesting to see if they breed there again this year.

    1. Bernard

      I have passed the information on to Mike Jennings for his atlas and inormation. I think he may write something up soon?