13 January 2014

Laura the satellite tagged Baltic Gull update – Bird records by Per Hansson

Per has sent me the latest location details of Laura the satellite tagged Baltic Gull that has spent the winter south of Jizan in south-west Saudi Arabia. Per mentioned it would be easiest to search for Laura in the morning near Al Sehi which is positioned south of Jizan towards the Yemen boarder. Laura has spent the entire winter in a very small area around Al Sehi but it is not the easiest of locations to get to as there are not raods just tracks across the sabkha in that area. Pers data on Laura is really useful in showing that Baltic Gulls from Northern Europe spend the winter in this area of Saudi Arabia. Baltic Gull is much scarcer on the Eastern side of the country and I am still yet to see one in the Eastern Province although they do occur further north in Kuwait in small numbers.