30 January 2014

Windy and few birds – Alba Marsh (Bahrain)

Nicole and I went ringing at Alba Marsh on Friday and arrived at the site before first light. We set up the nets and things looked good to start with, as we caught a Bluethroat and a Common Kingfisher before it was really light. Unfortunately as the day progressed the wind picked up making it almost impossible to catch birds and meant we had to take down the nets and leave the area before we would have liked to. In total we only caught seven birds, including the Bluethroat and Common Kingfisher as well as three re-trapped Clamorous Reed Warblers one unringed bird and one re-trapped Water Pipit from winter 2012. An interesting point about the Common Kingfishers caught at the marsh is the fact that they have all been female birds without a single male. Also they have started to use the marsh as a wintering area only in the last two years as previously to this, although ringing was taking place in the marsh no birds were caught with only the occasional bird seen.
Common Kingfisher 
Clamorous Reed Warbler
Water Pipit - coutelli