10 December 2014

Flock of Spanish Sparrows – Sabkhat Al Fasl

A small flock of Spanish Sparrows appears to have taken up residence for the winter at Sabkhat Al Fasl. Birds are uncommon here, as well as the rest of the Eastern Province, but they have been seen the last three winters at Sabkhat Al Fasl always in the same area. This year numbers are higher than previous years with over 30 birds present, mainly females although a few males are present. The species is a migratory sparrow that likes to travel, feed and breed in flocks, so these birds are typically what is seen when they are located. Elsewhere in the Kingdom they are a common winter visitor and now an established breeder. These birds are not so easy to photograph as they are very mobile and easily disturbed but, hopefully, over the winter they may settle and allow better photos to be taken of them?