15 December 2014

Few birds – Deffi Park

A visit to Deffi Park was conducted early on Friday morning, as we were unable to enter the farm that was our first option for birding for the day. As a result we went to inner city Jubail and visited the well-kept Deffi Park in the hope of see some good wintering birds. Kuwait has had some good birds such as Brambling, Fieldfare, Eurasian Greenfinch and Goldcrest all of which are potential visitors to the park as the habitat is suitable. Unfortunately we saw very little there with the exception of plenty of Common Chiffchaffs. The only other noteworthy bird seen was a juvenile masked Shrike with few birds seen in general with the exception of large numbers of White Wagtails. This park does look excellent for birds in particular thrushes so we will be visiting again before the winter in finished.