22 December 2014

Elephant Rock (Jabal Al Feel) – Al Ula

Elephant rock is situated near to Madain Saleh and is a natural sandstone rock of huge proportions in the shape of an elephant with its trunk touching the ground. The elephant also appears to have an eye made of natural rock formation. It is a really impressive sight and well worth visiting if in Al Ula even for a short time. The best time to photograph the rock is in the morning at around 07:00 – 08:00 hrs as the sun is in a good position and the sunlight not too harsh. Near to the elephant rock is a stacked sandstone rock formation looking like a mushroom or spinning top. It is easy to get to from Elephant rock either by car or a short walk. The local name for Elephant Rock is Jabal Al Feel and there is a signpost on the main road. One of the photos below has my family in it, between the trunk and body of the elephant for scale showing how large the rock formation is.
Elephant Rock
Elephant Rock (with my family for scale)