23 Dec 2014

Eurasian Hoopoe – Dhahran Hills

Dave Kilmister saw my post about the Hoopoes and that the Saudi Arabians like the bird. He mentioned, “In general, there are few birds that are named in Arabic - there are big, small, and shorebirds basically. But the Hoopoe is one of the exceptions as it is the bird that carried a message from the queen (of eqypt?) to Soloman in Biblical times and is mentioned in the holy Koran. In Arabic it is Hud-hud. The only other Arabic names I have come across so far are falcons (suqr) - hence sakr falcon, owl (booma) and eagle (nisr). The naming of birds is a Greek trait that Westerners have carried on but which the Arabs do not share - naming and categorising things”.


  1. Jem
    The easiest bird to pronounce his name in Arabic is the Bulbul , is very similar to pronounce English( bolbol) in Arabic .
    About The Story Of Hoopoe its found in the Holy Qoran (it Is also found in the Old Testament )which with the Prophet (King) Solomon son of David king of Israel, About Bilqis she was the Queen of Sheba, but there were two kingdoms of Sheba! one in Yemen (Southern Sheba ) the other in the northwest Arabian Peninsula (Northen Sheba ) seems to have been the Queen Bilqis in North . Ref: detailed book of the history of the Arabs before Islam, Jawad Ali (10 vols ).

    1. Mansur

      Great information. You certainly know a lot more than me about the region and its history and I learn a tremendous amount from you as I am sure do other readers of mine.