16 August 2011

Purple Heron - Dammam - Al Khobar Wader Roost South

Last evening immediately after work I went to the Dammam - Al Khobar Wader Roost South as the tide was right for pushing the birds close to shore. There were plenty of the normal waders including six Crab Plover, probably the same six as last week as the two adults and juvenile were still there. A surprise was lurking in the vegetation at the coast in the form of two adult Purple Heron and I took some good shots of one of them. These are the first returning Purple Heron I have seen this autumn and good close views were obtained. A few migrants are starting to trickle through but in very small numbers and hardly any passerines. Things should start picking up soon and numbers should start  increasing. There is still enough to keep me happy, although that is not hard.