14 August 2011

More Crab Plovers

The tide was excellent when I got to the Dammam - Al Khobar Wader Roost South today and most of the birds had been pushed up to near to coast edge. As a result I managed to get a few better pictures of Crab Plover. There were six birds present this evening, five adults and a juvenile. The juvenile was still with its parents and was seen begging for food on a couple of occasions. When I left this site I went to the Dammam - Al Khobar wader site but the tide was too high and nothing was there. As a result I went further up the coast towards Dammam Port and stopped by a small offshore, manmade island. I scanned the island with a telescope and managed to find two more Crab Plover making eight for the day.
 Crab Plover (Juvenile - left hand bird)